50 GRAND is Open for Dinner Service.  We look forward to serving you soon!
Address: 6401 Pony Express Trail, Pollock Pines, CA 95726 - Phone: (530) 644-1580

Our Story

     Jim and Kim married in the late 80’s, and moved to El Dorado County in the late 90’s.  They raised their boys, Logan and Quinn, here.  In 2017, they came to look at 50 Grand, as it was for sale. The walk through stuck with Jim and Kim. They were looking at what the next step of their lives would be, and found it.
     In 2018, Jim retired from being an electrical and software engineer, and Jim and Kim started a new chapter — and adventure — of their lives.  They started the process of re-invigorating 50 Grand.  Pollock Pines had already lost so many of its restaurants, and they wanted to provide quality employment for the locals, but more importantly, a quality restaurant that would be a destination venue, and weekly haunt, for diners near and far.  It’s their gift to the community, that they have called home for 3 decades.
     In 2020, a year and a half after buying 50 Grand, the pandemic hit.  Restaurants and bars were hit the hardest. So, they decided to temporarily close the doors for a renovation.  Little did they know, the roller coaster that was to follow the next two and a half years.
     Not only was there extensive needs of the building, but every improvement was hampered by supply chain issues, shipping delays, and lack of personnel to work.  So, they proceeded to remodel on their own, taking their home remodeling experience to a whole new level, with their kids and amazing bar manager Jimmy.  Locals offered equipment to borrow and their knowledge to guide, which was a tremendous help.  Jim went back to work as a systems engineer, but luckily got to work from home. That was how another chapter happened.
     In the early fall of 2022, 50 Grand Restaurant & Bar finally reopened with tremendous support and encouragement from the community.  Locals, and longtime visitors, are amazed at the transformation of 50 Grand.  It’s familiar, and fresh…just like its food.  Jim and Kim are now continuing the goal of “Making GRAND memories together” with you.
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