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50 Grand features an impressive array of local wines,
craft beers, and spirits!


Specialty Cocktails

Grand Manhattan

Bourbon, cherry liqueur, vermouth, and orange bitters. Bruised.  Served on the stem.

Bridal Veil Margarita
(An Homage to all Waterfalls Big and Small)

Tequila, lime juice, float of Grand Marnier.  Served over ice, in a salted bucket.

Gin E Sais Quoi

Botanical Gin, Limoncello, simple syrup. Shaken and strained, topped with a Champagne float. Served on the stem.

Caveat Emptor

Vodka infused with habanero, strawberry syrup, lime juice, rimmed with a mix of sugar & cayenne pepper.  Bruised and strained.  Served over, in a Bucket glass.

Clouds of Juniper

Gin, fresh squeezed grapefruit, agave nectar, grapefruit bitters. Stirred and strained. Served on the stem, garnished with sage.

Lumberjack Iced Tea
(It has an acronym and it’ll cut you down real quick)

Vodka, gin, tequila, rum, Cointreau, sweet & sour, splash of coke. Served in a Pint glass.

Smoke And Michter’s

Whiskey, bitters, maple syrup.  Stirred and smoked.  Served over a jumbo ice cube, in a Bucket glass.

Paloma Express

Tequila, grapefruit soda, lime juice.  Served in a Pint glass.

Two Worlds Collide
(The Vespa meets the Moscow Mule)

Vodka, gin, sour mix, dash of lime juice, ginger beer.  Served in a copper mug.

Rosemary Pomegranate Mule

Vodka, lime juice, pomegranate syrup, Ginger beer. Served in a copper mug.  Garnished with a sprig of rosemary.

Oldie Blood a Goody

Whiskey, blood orange & cherries, simple syrup, bitters. Stirred and strained.  Served over a jumbo ice cube, in a bucket.

Changing of Thymes (Subject to Change)
(Thyme based Seasonal Cocktail, which changes with every solstice and equinox)

Vodka, cinnamon cranberry sorbet, apple cider, and charred Thyme. Bruised and strained.  Served in a Collins glass.

Cherry Afterburner

Bourbon, cherry liqueur, sweet and sour, garnished with a cherry, and finished with a dash of cherry syrup. Served in a Gibralter glass.


Seasonal Specials

Hot Ruttered Bum

Rum, hot buttered rum mix, water. Topped with a charred blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, and sugar.   Served hot.

Tequila Mockingbird

 Grand Marnier, orange bitters, tequila, agave nectar. Served warm, with a wheel of dehydrated orange.

Sugar and Spice

Rum, brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla syrup, RumChatta.  Garnished with a dash of nutmeg and sugar.

Blackberry Brandy Sour

Brandy, sweet and sour, blackberry syrup, water. Served hot.

Mango Sake Mojito

Mango rum, muddled mint, lime juice, simple syrup, soda. Served over, in a bucket.

Guava Margarita

Tequila, lime juice, Cointreau, guava nectar, Tajin Rim. Served in a bucket.

50 Grand Sangria

Red wine and fruit juices, fortified with orange liqueur. Served over, in a stemless wine glass.


Classic Cocktails


Absinthe, simple syrup, whiskey, bitters. Stirred, served neat, in a rocks glass


Gin, cherry liqueur, Crème de Violette, Fresh Squeezed Lemon.  Served up, in a martini glass.


Tanqueray, Campari, and Vermouth. Served in a bucket with a twist of orange.


Hennesey, Grand Marnier, fresh squeezed lemon. Bruised.  Served up in a coupe.


Whiskey, Vermouth, Campari. Bruised. Served up in a Coupe with a twist of orange.

Dark ‘N’ Stormy

Rum, ginger beer, lemon bitters. Served over, in a Collin’s Glass.

Vieux Carre

Bourbon, Hennessey, Benedictine, bitters,  Vermouth.  Served in a bucket.

Traditional Whiskey Sour

Whiskey, Lemon Juice, 2/1 simple syrup, egg white (Merengue egg white substitute on request) Bruised. Served up, in a Coupe.


Craft Beers

Local Wines

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